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What Else Can I Do?

Public Education is a critical investment for the future of our communities and for the province.

If you have signed up for our newsletter, and you have joined us in our community meetings, and you have brought along two friends, and you have signed our petition, and you STILL feel like you want to do more, connect with your elected officials at all levels of government. 

We have included a suggested script/format for a letter or email here. Feel free to personalize the message so that it feels authentic for you. 

Thank you for being part of the Rebel Alliance. This is going to take all of us working together. 

Step 1: Find My Electeds

Edmonton City Councillor (List, Find your ward)

Edmonton Public School Board Trustee (Find your very own)

Alberta Member of the Legislative Assembly (Find your MLA contact deets)

Step 2: Other Interesting Contacts

You can also include other elected at all levels, including:

Step 3: Channel your inner author

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or would just like to give some feedback - we highly encourage sharing your thoughts with the list of electeds that you feel are most connected to your issue. Write down some of your biggest ideas and then grab a pen, a keyboard or the telephone and start letting your voice be heard. 

We have included a suggested idea for how you can frame your thoughts below. Feel free to use this as a jumping off point, add or edit as much as you need to make it feel like your own. 

Step 4: Get Loud

Hi, I am a constituent calling from (postal code) in (Edmonton Community name). My name is: _______.


I am [angry, disappointed, surprised] that the provincial government has jeopardized the future of every Edmonton public school student by chronically underfunding education in the province. While the Edmonton Public School Board has done a lot of work to ensure that students continue to have access to education, by 2026 all of the schools in the Edmonton Public division will be full, and without new available space we will not be able to accommodate any additional growth. For many years, the enrolment in Edmonton Public has increased by over 4000 students; in 2023/24 alone we have had close to 3000 additional students enroll since September 2023.


In the provincial budget released at the end of February, the provincial government committed to build only one new school in Edmonton Public School division. It could open as early as September 2028. We need the government to prioritize Public Education in the province, and Edmonton needs 50 new schools to be built by 2030 to seat all of the current and projected students. 


We need funding for Public Education, and we have needed it for years.


Thank you.

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