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  • What is does the Network do?
    We are a group of volunteer parents who strongly believe in the power of public education. We think that one voice can change a mind and when we work together our collective voices can change the world. For now we are focussed exclusively on holding government at all levels accountable for delivering the quality of education our children deserve.
  • Why did the Network come together?
    The Edmonton Public School Council Network came together in response to the distinct lack of focus on education from provincial political parties during the 2023 election. We believe that democracy is work that has to happen every day and realized that trying to organize in the final weeks before the election was a lot like cramming the night before a final. The results showed the effort we have invested in keeping public education as a talking point in the province.
  • Is there a way for me to participate?
    As a group of volunteers, we are always looking for parents who are interested in organizing. Connect directly with us through our Volunteer form and let us know that you are interested in volunteering. We have quarterly meetings that all Edmonton Public School parents are welcome to attend. Watch our Upcoming Events page and social media channels for more details.
  • What levels of government have responsibilities in delivering education in Alberta?
    Both the provincial government and the local school boards, elected by the people of Alberta have key roles in education in the province. The federal government has no role to play in delivery of education in the province; there is no ministry of education at the federal level. Under the Canadian Constitution, the province has exclusive responsibility for all levels of education.
  • What are the responsibilities of the Edmonton Public School Board?
    The key role of the EPSB is to ensure that every child in Edmonton has access to and receives a quality education. To read more about what the Board and the Trustees roles are please visit their "About" page. Specifically, the board needs to communicate to parents about decisions and activities of the Board. Annually, they adopt a budget that aims to achieve the priorities of the community. They also play a key role in lobbying the municipal and provincial government on our behalf - to raise important issues we need addressed. For intersest - here are the EPSB's Ten Year Facilities Plan and the Three Year Capital Plan that they released last year.
  • What are is the role of the provincial government in education in Alberta?
    The provincial government plays a critical role in education. Through the Ministry of Education, the government provides funding to all school boards to support local schools. Additionally the government is responsible to develop and evaluate curriculum, develop and certify teachers, and support students with diverse learning needs (a full list of responsibilities can be seen at the Ministry of Education website).
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